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  1. Jiggy

    Sticky Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

    If I could have only had one Mega Water/Psychic then it would have been Starmie for sure, but Slowbro's my second favorite, so okay! Slowbro has great HP, which is very nice for a Mega, and I'm guessing Defense is going up based on that design, so it's time to party like gen 3 Suicune and Calm...
  2. Jiggy

    Sticky Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

    Off the top of my head: Route 120, Battle Frontier, Frontier Brain, Slateport City, Fortree City. Route 120 is the one I want to hear most. Ever since they turned the Unova Route 10 theme into a cameo in B/W2, I've been dying to have Route music back that will blow my mind and 120 is the king of...
  3. Jiggy

    Sticky Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

    - I like Mega Sceptile even though I had wanted Grass/Dragon for Mega Meganium eventually. What it'll do in singles might depend on where the stats go, but in doubles, the stats don't even matter. It resists Earthquake, quad resists Surf, and, most importantly, Mega Sceptile will unleash...
  4. Jiggy

    Pokémon Trevenant

    As a Ghost, Trevenant can even switch out of Ingrain. I was actually caught off-guard by that once in a wi-fi battle; I brought in my Skarmory to stack Spikes but only got one layer because of the switch out. That said, I still agree with you on not using Ingrain; it's really unimpressive on...
  5. Jiggy


    Tested with Larvitar: Chikorita does not inherit Dragon Dance (or Stealth Rock or Pursuit). Tested with Bulbasaur: Chikorita still inherits Leaf Storm and Leech Seed and still does not inherit Giga Drain or Sleep Powder. Tested with Breloom: Chikorita still inherits Counter and still does not...
  6. Jiggy


    In addition to Switcheroo, Beat Up, Encore, and Memento are still egg moves.
  7. Jiggy


    Tested with Alomomola: Lotad does not get Soak or Water Pulse as egg moves.
  8. Jiggy


    Posted this in Data Collection, but it's probably relevant here too. I do believe Belly Drum+Aqua Jet Azumarill was impossible before, but not now. Blurry picture from my old laptop's webcam here: How I got it: Kabuto passed Aqua Jet to Surskit, Surskit passed...
  9. Jiggy

    Pokémon XY Data Collection

    I've seen Serebii reference passing a level up move through a female Pokemon while breeding, so I tested for egg moves. I bred Aqua Jet onto a female Surskit via Kabuto, then tried these chains: Surskit(F) with Aqua Jet + Masquerain(M) without Aqua Jet = baby Surskit with Aqua Jet Marill(F)...
  10. Jiggy

    Pokémon XY Data Collection

    Wigglytuff's base Special Attack seems to have been buffed. My level 50 Gentle Jigglypuff with no EVs has stats of 177/56/33/61/41/26. In previous games, evolving it into Wigglytuff would have yielded 202/81/55/91/69/51 going by MetalKid's calculator. In X/Y, everything's the same except Special...
  11. Jiggy

    Pokémon XY Leaks

    Now I just want Mega Starmie since Starmie and Gengar are soulmates of amazing Pokemon since day 1. Poor Deoxys, though. It's a glass cannon in a brave new world where Mega Gengar is a steel cannon and Mega Mewtwo Y is an adamantium cannons. I got good traction out of having a Bulb on (pick one...
  12. Jiggy

    Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 - Mark 2 ** Spoilers **

    Nope. I've hatched all 90 now and some have 4 Attack at level 1 and others have 5. Their abilities also vary. I'll try some other breeding combinations over the next few days for the sake of experimenting. Mostly I want to see if the Everstone pattern holds up when Ditto isn't involved...
  13. Jiggy

    Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 - Mark 2 ** Spoilers **

    So I just noticed I've hatched 63 consecutive Timid Staryu from a Timid Ditto with an Everstone and a Timid Starmie with a Power Anklet. I know we've all been through strange coincidences in Pokemon games, but this is a bit much, so I searched every post with the word "Everstone" in the past...
  14. Jiggy


    This was the Nidoqueen I used on the recent ladder: Nidoqueen @ Life Orb Bold 252 HP / 120 Defense / 136 Special Attack Sheer Force Earth Power Thunder Fire Blast Toxic Spikes Today I'd use Ice Beam or Dragon Tail over Thunder since rain likely won't be as prominent...
  15. Jiggy

    Hey there, yeah, I have basically everything good from the Dream World now except Natu and...

    Hey there, yeah, I have basically everything good from the Dream World now except Natu and Poliwag. The only other things I'm missing are Elekid, Glameow, Scyther, Skitty, Sudowoodo, Buizel, Finneon, and Goldeen.
  16. Jiggy

    OU Suspect Testing Round 2 Voter Identification and Suspect Nominations

    I was CC. I peaked at around 1240 from what I remember, though you sure wouldn't know it now since I'm at 1096--I kind of gave up on hitting 1400 after a while, and after that point I was just playing for fun with some random experiments, so that hurt me a bit. Anyway, nominations: Manaphy I...
  17. Jiggy


    Well, the only other ones I'd dare to use in OU if I wasn't just messing around are Golbat, Murkrow, Misdreavus, Magneton, and maybe Machoke. (And out of the five you mentioned, I wouldn't dare use Gligar.) For UU and down, though, here are some that I can think of aside from Scyther...
  18. Jiggy

    Can't say I do, no. :(

    Can't say I do, no. :(
  19. Jiggy


    Thanks, I stand corrected--missed that one since I was looking at fully-evolved Pokemon and Sleep Powder has to come from Exeggcute. But yeah, basically I'll amend to a niche of those three moves plus having bulk on both sides (which is what I meant anyway since I knew I was ignoring Smeargle).
  20. Jiggy


    Like so many others are saying, I love Meganium's design, but for stats and moves... Well, Counter and Dragon Tail give her a couple toys over something like Celebi (along with no Pursuit weakness), but compared to Recover, Natural Cure, and Thunder Wave, Celebi wins even as a pure defensive...